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Rare Mort Garson Tracks Unearthed

New Releases Prove That Even Aliens Can Appreciate Disco

Mort Garson, a classically trained musician and electronic researcher during the mid-20th century, has recently experienced a career resurgence with the reissue of his work, starting with Plantasia in 2019. Initially overlooked, his music gained widespread recognition, appearing in various media spots. The recent release, "Journey to the Moon and Beyond," unveils new facets of Garson's sound, including a soundtrack for a 1974 film and previously unreleased advertising music. The highlight is Garson's rediscovered soundtrack for the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, showcasing his diverse musical abilities. Despite initial skepticism about his unconventional themes, such as astrological signs and houseplants, Garson foresaw the integration of electronic music into daily life, making a unique contribution to the genre.

Mort Garson introduces his distinctive synthesizer sounds in the cosmic journey of "DISCO UFO." This rare 7" from 1978, originally on Garson's G-Note label and now digitally released by Sacred Bones Records, embodies retro-sci-fi madness with euphoric vibes and a space age atmosphere.

As Captain DJ - one of Garson's monikers - he produced and arranged the two tracks that blend space age funk, proto hip-hop, and psychedelic disco grooves. The release, co-written by Mort Garson, D. James, and A. Rose, captures a unique fusion of musical elements.


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