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Yep Roc to Reissue Rockpile’s Seconds of Pleasure

Rockpile’s Seconds of Pleasure Returns to Vinyl June 7

Tothnotes: There are some albums that just blew me away when I found them in a thrift store box as a youngin'. This is one of them. If you're a fan of Elvis Costello and - of course - Nick Lowe, you'll find Seconds of Pleasure a certain kind of missing link in the liniage of that brand of rock and roll. I look forward to pitting my original pressing against this new master by Kevin Gray.

From press release:

Yep Roc Records announces the long overdue vinyl reissue of Rockpile’s Seconds of Pleasure pressed on yellow vinyl, a first since its original 1980 release. Available June 7 and limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, the reissue was pressed at Citizen Vinyl’s state-of-the-art facilities in Asheville, NC, and the lacquer was cut by renowned mastering engineer Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio. The album is now available for pre-order.


A short-lived yet highly influential quartet, composed of Dave Edmunds (vocals, guitar), Nick Lowe (vocals, bass guitar), Billy Bremner (vocals, guitar) and Terry Williams (drums), Rockpile played together throughout the 1970s, and the original 1980 release of Seconds of Pleasure was the only time the band was able to capture their magic on tape. 


Recorded at Eden Studios Chiswick, UK, Seconds of Pleasure features classics like Lowe’s pop-perfect “When I Write the Book” and “Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)” and Rockpile’s only Billboard hit, “Teacher Teacher.” Over four decades since its release, Seconds of Pleasure remains a cult classic sought after by music collectors worldwide. Meshing the sounds of pub rock, power pop and rockabilly all through a new wave lens, Rockpile were renowned for their blistering live performances, which were brought to national attention on tours supporting Blondie, Bad Company, Van Morrison and Elvis Costello.

 Rockpile recorded almost enough material for five studio albums, though only one–Seconds of Pleasure – was released under the Rockpile banner. Three other albums–Tracks on Wax 4, Repeat When Necessary, and Twangin…—were released as Dave Edmunds solo albums, and one more – Labour of Lust – was released as a Nick Lowe solo album. Scattered Rockpile tracks can also be found on a few other Lowe and Edmunds solo albums. Additionally, Rockpile served as backing group on tracks recorded by Mickey Jupp in 1978 and Carlene Carter in 1980.


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