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Dave Stewart and the Time Experience Project

Limited Edition Vinyl Release is Announced For Who to Love, a 10-Song Rock Opera

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Songwriter Hall of Famer, UK Music Hall of Famer, GRAMMY Award, Brit Award and Ivor Novello Award-winning musician, Dave Stewart recently formed a new creative collective, The Time Experience Project. Today, they have announced a limited run of vinyl for their inaugural project, Who to Love, a 10-song modern rock opera via Bay Street Records. 

The Times Experience Project Who to Love Album Cover

Starting today, the special turquoise vinyl pressings — limited to 1000 units — are available for pre-order here. On March 8, the vinyl album will be available for purchase via Amazon on other online retailers worldwide. 

Along with Stewart, who is also a successful music and television producer, and all-around creative force, The Time Experience Project is made up of writers, actors, filmmakers, composers and performers. For this project, Dave Stewart called to his side the great Italian television, stage, and film actress, Greta Scarano and legendary Italian band Mokadelic for this adventure that inextricably joins music and images — weaved together with a strong emotional impact that investigates the deepest folds of the human soul through music, memories and nightmares that intertwine in an alienating journey.

Who to Love will also have a movie — which was written by (and stars) Dave Stewart, Greta Scarano and Mokadelic and premiered last year at the Rome Film Festival — to accompany the album. The film is set to appear at two additional film festivals: Seeyousound International Music Film Festival and Cinequest Film & VR Festival. Additionally, the film — which is expected to see a public release later this year — is directed by Giorgio Testi and produced by Dave Stewart Entertainment and Grøenlandia.

With Who to Love, Stewart writes a new page in his career which also includes being a Golden Globe Award winner and Eurythmics co-founder. “Brings Me Home,” the lead single and accompanying music video for WHO TO LOVE, is equally musically stunning as it is visually gripping. Meanwhile, the album’s pulsating focus track, “Electrified,” that’s backed with an official music video starring Greta Scarano, captures Stewart’s unparalleled songwriting and production that the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer is known for, coupled with Mokadelic’s signature sounds.

Dave Stewart shares:

“This album is a unique collaboration of artists who were willing to take a leap of faith and work together on a conceptual piece of film and music because it felt right, not only as a project, but because we believed in each others intentions to make something special — away from the constraints of ‘the industry’ — and I love it. I also love my collaborators on the album Mokadelic and Greta Scarano, if you get a chance check out the long form video version, I love that too.”

Mokadelic adds: “WHO TO LOVE is both a soundtrack and an album simultaneously, focused on the concept of time. A one-of-a-kind creation, co-written with one of the most influential musicians on the global scene. We collaborated remotely for many months, then Dave came to Rome and we met, jamming together, from which ‘Electrified’ was born. This embodies the essence of the entire project, which flourished in a dynamic and organic flow.”

“The vinyl is the physical proof of an incredible experience where music, words, instruments and performance created something unique,” says Greta Scarano. “I will always be grateful to Dave and Mokadelic for making this possible.”

“The songs on this album are centered around the elusive nature of time, how it seems to speed up or slow down depending on your mental state,” shares Stewart. “Through the music and lyrics we try to interpret this feeling and how life’s journey can become serpentine and surreal as we wander through moments of sadness, melancholy, love addiction and pure ecstasy.” He adds: “The short film revolves around a character who is struggling with anxiety and loneliness, reflected in both the music and the actions of the protagonist.”


Side A: 

“Time Is A Masterpiece” 


“Not The Sweetest Taboo” 

“Brings Me Home” 

“Diamond Eyes” 

Side B: 

“Who To Love” 

“Time Flies” 

“Talk To Me” 




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