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Listen to This: Dream Machine, "What Do You Believe?"

Don't call it a throwback. Well, okay, you can call it a throwback. In fact, definitely call it a throwback. If you didn't know any better, you wouldn't even think it was a throwback, you'd assume that the latest from the Netherlands' Dream Machine was just some forgotten relic unearthed from the annals of time, circa the late 60s. And - if you listen closely enough - you'll notice some very particular nods to the era: a few drums fills pulled right out of "Born to be Wild" an organ solo smacking of Mazarek and - if you watch the associated video - there will be enough timely effects and Vox amps and keyboards to make you think you've stepping into a time machine.

Doris who co-fronts and plays keyboard in the band with her husband Matthew - and who breaks the fourth wall by shooting some seriously disaffected and psychedelic stares at the camera during the song's video - weighs in on the band's vibe, man: “What do you believe is the actual truth about this life we're all living so casually? As you wake up from the hypnotic routine we all tend to slip into, what does it all really mean? Who and what are we? What do we believe to be the actual truths of this apparent reality?”

Hey, those are all great questions, Doris! I know, and yet I don't know at all and all in all is all we all are and all of that. But, I'm with you, and you'll be with the Dream Machine, too because they take their analog recordings in earnest, with their faithful Tascam 388 in tow, the band captures the essence of analog sound, using reel-to-reel, ¼” tape. They meticulously craft their music, taking the time to add grit and texture with their vintage instruments and effects. The result is a nostalgic time capsule for listeners which simultaneously offers something fresh and authentic while also peering into the past; familiar comfort of the past and the excitement of the new.

The Dream Machine will be bringing their psychedelic fantasy to a live venue near you this spring:

Thursday, March 28

Eugene, OR


Friday, March 29

Redding, CA

The Dip

Saturday, March 30

Oakland, CA

Elbo Room

Tuesday, April 2

Palmdale, CA


Wednesday, April 3

Los Angeles, CA

Permanent Records

Thursday, April 4

Long Beach, CA

Supply & Demand

Friday, April 5

San Diego, CA

Til Two Club

Saturday, April 6

Crestline, CA

Stockade Pub

Sunday, April 7

Phoenix, AZ

Linger Longe

Monday, April 8

Bizbee, AZ

Hitching Post


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