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Steve Miller Band – The Best Of The Steve Miller Band

(Capitol Records – 5C 054 80287, 1970 🇳🇱)

The Best of The Steve Miller Band

You know Steve and you love him. You’ve heard him on a thousand jukeboxes and a million radio stations. You’ve danced to his music at weddings, birthday parties; wherever there is electricity, you’ve listened to Steve Miller. Today he celebrates his 80th birthday, and I – for one – wish him many more. Coincidentally, I just picked up this European pressing of Best of The Steve Miller Band album the other day. Also coincidentally, this specific record was pressed in Haarlem, Netherlands in 1970, but I bought it in New Jersey in 2023 only 48 hours after returning home from Haarlem, Netherlands. It’s kismet. This will be a good weekend to play some Steve Miller. So, go on, take the money and run.


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