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Revolver Evolves

The Classic Album Continues it Evolution

By: Evan Toth

he Beatles – Revolver (Parlophone – PCS 7009, 1966 (1967 RI) 🇬🇧)

It’s interesting, I have just realized that none of my copies of Revolver are original releases from ‘66. This one is a ‘67 reissue from the UK, maybe post-Pepper. I also have a few American copies from ‘68 and ‘71. I’m not sure why that’s relevant, but it’s funny how sometimes we think we have something definitive, and we really don’t.

It also demonstrates how we don’t always digest a band’s catalog in order of release. I have been listening to the new Revolver reissue in hi-rez digital, and I’ve got some opinions, but none that I’m ready to divulge at this point. In any case - hey - you ever hear of these guys? This is a good album!


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