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Listen to This: Elephant Stone's "Pilgrimage"

You like sunshine pop, but you're not hankering for a melody made of sweet syrup at the moment. You're more interested in being laid back. Not so laid back, however, that some skillfully woven saxophone isn't on the menu. But, you still want the melody and you'd prefer to sink into it like you're brave enough to take a deep breath and dive underwater in the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the night (which you're not). Elephant Stone's latest single explores the delicate balance between psychedelic exploration, cleverly composed melody, and a tasteful dash of Pink Floydian sax accompaniment. And let's have a round of applause for the arrangement, too: "Pilgrimage" doesn't get lost in its own spacy wilds, these fellas adhere to the important lesson of learning the rules before they break them. And don't miss Rishi Dhir's bass action on this track either, it's full of contrapuntal goodness that locks in effortlessly with Miles Dupire-Gagnon's percussive grooves; will those drum fills ever end? Listen to this now.

The Montreal band will be releasing a full-length titled Back Into the Dream this February. They will also embark on a North American tour in 2024 including a hometown show in Montreal on March 22nd.

Elephant Stone 2024 Live Dates:

March 15        Québec, QC @ Le Pantoum

March 16        Saint-Adolphe de Howard, QC @ La Chèvre

March 22        Montréal, QC @ Théâtre Outremont

March 23        Troy, NY @ No Fun

March 24        Somerville, MA @ The Rockwell

March 26        Brooklyn, NY @ TV Eye

March 27        Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong

March 28        Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe

March 29        Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle

March 30        Detroit, MI @ Lager House

March 31        Toronto, ON @ The Garrison

More information can be found here.


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