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Interview: Rebecca Pidgeon

The Actor and Musician Discusses Her New Album, "Songs of L.A."

There’s a unique quality that actors and actresses bring to songwriting and musicianship. Oftentimes, they create works that lean heavily on the idea that the singer - or narrator - is a character. Of course, all musicians and songwriters do this to some extent, but there’s another level of commitment when it’s done by a musician who also happens to be an actor.

Rebecca Pigeon is well-known in both worlds, as an actress and as a musician and songwriter. This year she’s released her 11th full-length album titled, Songs of LA which explores the City of Angles’ by simultaneously studying its daytime sunshine alongside the town’s hauntingly dark nights. Pidgeon’s long-time writing partner - David Batteau - worked on many of these songs with Rebecca before pandemic sidelined the project. Here, Rebecca fuses her acting chops with her songwriting and performing prowess.

Rebecca Pidgeon stands in front of an antique wooden door

Join Rebecca and I on this episode as she takes me on a journey through some of tinseltown’s creepiest back-alleys as we discuss her new album, her multifaceted career and how everything that glitters in La La Land isn’t always gold.


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