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Interview: Santa Chiara

The Italian Singer-Songwriter and Musician Explains the International Journey Behind Her Recent Album, "Imported"

Going somewhere else is sometimes the only thing you can do to really find your true voice. And I don’t mean taking a vacation or a day-trip. Moving from one state - or, coast - to another is a very adventurous move, but emigrating to another country to live is truly beyond what most of us might even consider doing. Can you imagine leaving your family and friends, everything you know in search of a new life? Looking for new employment opportunities? And don’t forget that eternal search for love. 

Chiara D’Anzieri left her hometown of Turin, Italy and ended up in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Of course the relocation had to do with music, but we all know what would instigate such a bold move: love certainly played a part. When she was younger, Chiara spent time in her Italian homeland studying cello in conservatories. However, she was ready to create some rock and roll and her Italian heritage coupled with her classical background gave her a unique lens with which to make this a reality. All she needed now was a new stage name, a professional moniker: make that Santa Chiara: named after her favorite monastery in Naples, Italy. 

A picture of Santa Chiara's album cover for Imported

And so she joins me on this episode to discuss her life and her latest record called, of course, Imported. The new album explores the immigration process from her point of view, but there’s more here, too. There’s hope and light connected with the anxiety and excitement of finding one’s way in a new country, not only is Santa Chiara finding her way around, learning how to fit in and stand out, but she’s making great art out of it, too. As the saying goes, “When in Rome.” Or, in Chiara’s case, it’s “when in Philly.” For now, at least.


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