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Charlie Bruber's New Album

Finding the Muse releases on May 2

Minneapolis songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Bruber is behind the mic for the first time. 2023 will see him release his first record as a solo artist, Finding the Muse. Laced with authentic character, addictive melodies & eclectic instrumentation, the album represents the search for his artistic voice.

Charlie Bruber and his EMS Polysynthi a British synthesizer

The songs on Finding the Muse were written on an EMS Polysynthi. A British synthesizer from the 1970’s that is as rare as it gets. Only 29 were produced in 1978 when EMS went out of business and it’s said that >10 exist today. Charlie happened upon his (Serial No. 16) and wanted to explore music with its unique sound.

In the summer of 2019, Charlie opened his recording studio 8vB in Minneapolis, giving a creative home to many collaborators and friends to experiment and explore. While he spent the next few years in 8vB crafting Finding the Muse, he has also played on, engineered and produced albums/songs by his friends PaviElle French, Kevin Gastonguay (Cory Wong), Cole Pulice, Lynn Avery (Moon Glyph Records), LCM (Orange Milk Records), Black Market Brass (Colemine Records), Murphy Janssen and jazz pianist Jack Barrett.

Charlie Bruber Playing a Gibson ES-330 Guitar

Charlie’s skills as a writer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist are on full display on Finding the Muse. His signature bass playing provides a succinct yet melodic foundation for each song. From the psychedelic sounds of “Four Loves” and “I’m in a Band” to the grooves and riffs of “Spire” and “Weakest Link,” he pays homage to classic influences like Hiroshi Sato, Yellow Magic Orchestra and Sting while reflecting on a future of what music could become.

With Finding the Muse ready for release on May 2, Charlie is finishing up what will be his second record, recorded back in December at Litho Studios in Seattle (Pearl Jam, Deftones, Soundgarden). 2023 will also feature new music by Black Market Brass and a set of albums recorded at 8vB with the people he loves.


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