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Brazilian Singles Compilation Sonhos Secretos ("Secret Dreams")

Out Now From Org Music

Brazilian producer, DJ, and creative director Tee Cardaci has put together an inspired journey into genre-expanding rare, lost, and unknown singles from the waning days of his country's military dictatorship.

These have been collected for a multi-artist compilation coming out from ORG Music on August 4, 2023, Sonhos Secretos (translated as "Secret Dreams"). This resplendently diverse compilation's title alludes to the quiet aspirations of those that made these independent and privately released seven-inches, as well as to the fact that many of these records have long remained essentially a secret.

The world famous Cardaci's beloved radio mix show Deep & Dusted, has based this musical odyssey on his mantras "Funk is a universal language" and "Life is too short to listen to one genre all night long." He's a great match for label Org Music, which released the anthology Atenacao! Novos Sons do Brasil earlier this year for Record Store Day 2022. The release is co-presented by online audio journal Aquarium Drunkard.

'Songs Secretos' is also a clever reference to a certain dream-like quality that permeates this collector's fantasy mix. While the songs featured here can all can be housed under the blanket term, MPB (Música Popular Brasileira or Brazilian Popular Music), they also contain, to varying degrees, elements of jazz, soul, folk, prog, baroque rock and shimmering pop.

The collection includes a fold-out insert with artist interviews and additional liner notes by Brazilian music scholar Allen Thayer. The audio was restored and mastered by award winning engineer Dave Gardner.


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