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Summer Reading: An Ideal for Living by Corey duBrowa

Summer reading has arrived!

Corey duBrowa, author and music journalism vet, debuts his first book, An Ideal For Living - A Celebration of the E.P. (Extended Play), published by Hozac Books. This tome showcases the collaborative efforts of nearly 50 music industry luminaries, including Britt Daniels (Spoon), Molly Neuman (Bratmobile), Byron Coley, Chris Slusarenko (Guided By Voices, Eyelids), and others. Together, they illuminate the often-overlooked realm of EPs, compiling a definitive list of the 200 Best EPs ever recorded and craft the first comprehensive history of this unique format.

a book about the vinyl ep on a wooden floor

An Ideal For Living chronicles the evolution of EPs, tracing their journey from the early days of jazz and rock'n roll through the heyday of beat and psychedelic rock, the rise of punk, new wave, and post-punk movements, and onward into the realms of alternative and indie rock. duBrowa, drawing from his two decades as a rock critic, spent years eagerly reviewing EPs and was struck by the absence of dedicated literature exploring this distinct and underrated musical format.

The book's curated selection spans decades, featuring the top 25 EPs from each era since the 1950s, culminating in a definitive list of the 25 greatest EPs of all time, alongside 13 notable entries that narrowly missed the cut. Through this meticulous curation, duBrowa argues convincingly for recognizing the EP as an art form as significant as full-length albums, singles, or any other musical medium, particularly in today's digitally-driven and less tangible music landscape.


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