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Listen to This: Kate Hudson's "Talk About Love"

Call me a sucker for a syrupy sweet pop song, but I'm even more invested when it comes from a voice with a little experience, maybe a bit of regret, wisdom, just a pinch of age like a cabernet that's pushing eight years. Kate Hudson has been on Planet Earth's radar for quite some time now, but it's not until this week that she finally shared her debut single. Shoulder shrug, right? What took so long? So, what does a starlet who came of age in the lap of luxury have to offer?

Co-written by her fiance, musician Danny Fujikawa, and song-wizard - "Yeah-hey-yeah-heayah" - Linda Perry - "Talk About Love" finds Hudson doing something she's seemingly always wanted to do: make her entry into the music biz. As Kate tells it, “It was always this, I just needed to get to a place where i was ready...”

The tune bounces along with ample hip-swaying swagger. Kate's voice sounds great and is especially soaring on the bridge's vocals with a surprising degree of powerful heft and edge. Kudos to the producers for giving her vocal sound a bit of tubey grit; this offers some dark balance to Hudson's sun-kissed ode to love.

Do I find the melody rolling around my head all day? Not exactly. And the song fades out almost as quickly as it begins. But,"Talk About Love" gets the job done and introduces an interesting new voice - one that we've been familiar with for many years - to the pop scene. Let's see what happens next.


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