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Interview with Alexz Johnson

"Seasons" Finds Johnson Sifting Through Life's Ebbs and Flows

The arrival of each season brings with it some balance. When one element is taken away, another quality takes its place. It’s the old adage of one door closing and another one opening. No matter how hard we want the long, warm days of sunny summer to last forever, the fall brings its own snug serenity (depending on where you live on planet Earth, of course).

Alexz Johnson is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress who first gained recognition in the early 2000s by playing the role of the lead character in the Canadian CTV series Instant Star, where she also contributed to the show's soundtrack. She also appeared in the Disney Channel series So Weird, and in the 2006 horror film Final Destination 3 Throughout it all, Johnson has released several critically acclaimed albums and singles, showcasing her talent in various genres, including pop, rock, and folk. Johnson has built a loyal fan base and established herself as a promising and dynamic artist in the Canadian music scene. On her latest LP, Seasons, Alexz explores nature’s natural patterns.

Alexz Johnson Autographed Seasons record on vinyl

Join Alexz and I as we discuss the ups and downs of the Gregorian Calendar to which we all subscribe. On this episode, you’ll hear Alexz describe her songwriting process, detail the challenges of simultaneously balancing a show business career with raising a family, and how she crafted her latest record which is contemporary and soulful. The skies outside might be warm and beautiful, or perhaps they are overcast and nefarious, nevertheless, Alexz takes it all in and details the highs and lows that each season brings.


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