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Interview: Stacey Kent

How many different sides of you are there? Who are you when you’re alone, and how is that person different from who you are in front of others? We all have different sides to us and the world rarely sees the whole version of ourselves. But music and art can help to peel back the layers and provide a glimpse of the threads that make us who we are.

Stacey Kent

Stacey Kent has a long musical career under her belt, she is a longtime and critically acclaimed jazz vocalist and a Grammy nominee with a brand new album out now titled, Summer Me, Winter Me which is a compilation of the songs that she enjoys performing on stage, but that haven’t yet made it to an album. It’s that “little bit of everything” that lets us in on the secret of what Stacey enjoys performing for her audiences around the world, but also gives us a sneak peek into who she is through the eclectic blend of music that was chosen for this release. 

Of course, like any great artist, she doesn’t do it alone. While many of the selections on the album may be familiar to you, several songs were written by Kent’s saxophonist, arranger, producer and husband Jim Tomlinson. One of which was co-written with their longtime collaborator and Nobel Prize winner, Kazuo Ishiguro.

Stacey has album sales in excess of two million, Platinum, Double-Gold and Gold-selling albums that have reached a series of chart-topping positions and over half a billion Spotify streams and she joins us on Radar to kick off a new year of conversations with style, grace, and plenty of panache. Happy New Year to Stacey...and Happy New Year to you, dear listener...


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