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Interview: Sam Nelson Harris

Harris Talks About His Work on Aquaman 2 and the New Album By X Ambassadors

What does it take to be epic? Many filmmakers and creators struggle to construct breathtaking spectacles for audiences that will allow them to escape into a transformative world that depicts events that would not normally be seen with human eyes. But what about the music? Once they’ve created the visual component, how do they find the right music to both compliment and even elevate the towering images that appear on your local IMAX theater’s screens? 

For many years, the industry has called upon Sam Nelson Harris and his band - X Ambassadors - to provide music for the soundtracks that are as compelling as your favorite comic book character’s powers. Most recently, the band featured a song in the new Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom film, but they have also placed music in Transformers: The Last Knight, The Call of the Wild, Sonic the Hedgehog and Suicide Squad. It’s the band’s prodigious sound and production that make them the perfect choice for an enthralling cinematic display. 

The voice you hear on these tracks belongs to the band’s frontman Sam Nelson Harris who is also an actor, producer, and songwriter. On this episode Sam and I discuss how he and the band traverse the intersection between the music and film industries. We also discuss the band’s forthcoming newest record, Townie which is slated to be released on April 5. It’s easy to hear how Sam and I are both excited for this release to hit the shelves. 

So, think big! Get into a larger-than-life mood and prepare to explore the process by which the huge sounds you hear on your favorite viewing screen usually just come from one person with an idea. The magic is in how that acorn is transformed into a towering Oak. Sam Nelson Harris shares his secrets about taking good ideas and molding them into something epic.


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