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Ging's Debut Album, "We're Here, My Dear"

Producer Frank Dukes Embraces his Alter Ego

From Press Release

Ging, the solo project of the artist formerly known as Frank Dukes, unveiled his debut album, We’re Here, My Dear, last week. Explore it, here. Of the album, Ging says:

An ode to a love that’s free. The type of love with space to start as one thing and become something new altogether. This is an ode to the woman I once married and the family we started together. As we stand before the remains of what we once called our marriage, something beautiful and new emerges. A new commitment, a commitment to truth. And even if that truth shatters every idea of what we thought we were, we honor it. We honor our love. To all that has led us to this very moment...

Ahead of the release, Ging shared a number of tracks — “Never Want To Leave,” “Miracles,” “Dear Boy” and “Can You See Me” and more music from Ging is imminent.

We’re Here, My Dear is Ging’s first ever artist project and a major sonic departure from previous projects. A wildly acclaimed producer since his teen years in Toronto for artists including Drake, Rihanna, SZA, Kanye West, The Weeknd and many more, Ging began to ponder what his own art might sound like.

Turning inward, he started to create songs purely for his own enjoyment—taking a hard turn away from his hip hop and pop productions and experimenting with ambient and avant garde instrumentals before landing on the album’s folkier structures. Simultaneously, significant changes were impacting his personal life—a split from his longtime partner and the mother of this children.


We’re Here, My Dear is a document of this time and a love letter to his family, particularly his young children, as they navigate(d) these shifts together. Growing up in Toronto, Ging was always known by his middle name—King, pronounced Ging—returning to his childhood identity felt most fitting for this new phase of his life and career.

1. We’re Here, My Dear

2. Dear Boy

3. Never Want to Leave

4. A Reason

5. Miracles

6. Can You See Me

7. True Love Will Find You in The End

8. Above & Below

9. When I’m Gone


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