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Yoasobi Share New Song, "Heart Beat"

It's the Theme for an Annual Japanese Television Program

Tothnotes: Do you Yoasobi? I have really been enjoying this J-Pop superduo over the last year, which has been a big one for them. The production and lyrical prowess here is - for lack of a better word - unbelievable. Yoasobi is everything addictively great about Japanese pop music; their latest song is a great opportunity to check them out. - ezt

J-Pop superstar duo Yoasobi unveil a new song, "Heart Beat;" which you can hear below.

The song will act as the theme for NHK’s “Yoasobi 18 Fest,” an annual television program in Japan in which a group of eighteen-year-olds submit messages, essays and performance videos following a specific theme. This year’s theme is “heartbeat.” Yoasobi then joins the participants to help create and perform an original song together based on these submissions, working alongside each other through the creative process, having conversations and sharing stories of when they were eighteen.

Yoasobi are celebrating a banner year—Their global smash hit song “Idol” has officially been named the #1 Song of the Year on Billboard Japan Hot 100. Originally released in April, the song smashed records, amassing 21 consecutive weeks in the #1 spot. The song also broke the record for the fastest single to reach 200 million streams on the Billboard Japan chart and surging to #1 on the Billboard Global Excel U.S. chart, which made it the first song originally performed in Japanese to top this chart. The cumulative number of streaming views has exceeded 300 million and counting, making it the fastest single in history to reach that mark as well.

Yoasobi Chillax in Their J-Pop Greatness. Photo: John Choi

The duo opened for Coldplay on back-to-back nights of their acclaimed Music of the Spheres World Tour at the Tokyo Dome, and they recently released “Biri-Biri,” a song celebrating the one-year anniversary of Nintendo’s hit games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Comprised of composer Ayase and vocalist ikura, Yoasobi are record breaking, international superstars in the making. Their first song, “Into The Night (Yoru ni Kakeru),” was released in November 2019, immediately attracting attention by achieving #1 on numerous streaming charts in Japan and appearing on viral charts in several countries. It was #1 on the 2020 Billboard Japan Combined Song Chart and Streaming Song Chart, and in January 2023 the total plays surpassed 900 million streams—making this a first in Japan. Yoasobi began gaining international attention and reached #1 on the Spotify charts for the Japanese Artist Most Played Internationally in 2021. Their song “Monster (Kaibutsu)” was named one of the 10 Best Songs of 2021 by TIME.

In April of this year, Yoasobi’s TikTok Live performance achieved the highest ever viewership for a Japanese artist on the platform when it was streamed by more than 630k fans with simultaneous viewers surpassing 120k. Their first arena tour “Yoasobi Arena Tour 2023 ‘Denkosekka’” consisted of fourteen shows in seven cities with a total of 130k attendees as the duo continues to attract attention in all directions of their career. Earlier this year, the duo made their U.S. debut at the Head in the Clouds Festival in Los Angeles.


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