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Rolling Stones Mono Box to Be Reissued

She Comes in Colors

By Evan Toth and Press Release

After being out of print for many years, the Rolling Stones in Mono box set will finally be seeing a reissue in early 2023. Except, this time, there is a catch! Instead of being on black vinyl, the discs will each carry their own unique color. Prices for the original issue of the box are indeed high (as of this writing, the box is selling at around a median price of $900.00). So, those who missed out on purchasing it in the first place will most definitely take advantage of the new release. Those who already own a box, but still plan on purchasing a new colorized version received the highest accolades for their adventurous collecting prowess!

More info about the new release follows below...

The Rolling Stones In Mono: Limited Edition Color Vinyl

16LP Box Set

US $424.99

Release Date: 1/20/23

  • The entirety of the band’s studio output in the 1960s, pressed in a different color for each title!

  • Original 14 mono albums plus special collection – Stray Cats

  • Stray Cats (2-LPs of single A & B sides plus the 1964 The Rolling Stones E.P. tracks), incorporating every 1960s Rolling Stones track that isn’t found on the other 14 albums (an additional 24 tracks)

  • This limited edition numbered box set includes a 48-page lie-flat booklet with a 5,000-word essay by Rolling Stone writer David Fricke and color photos.

  • Mastered in Direct Stream Digital (DSD) from the original mono master recordings by acclaimed Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Bob Ludwig

  • Lacquer cutting by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios Features both UK and US versions of Out Of Our Heads (1965) and Aftermath (1966), as well as the UK versions of the first LP – The Rolling Stones and Between The Buttons (1967)


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