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Interview: Raul Midón

It’s not easy to be consistent in show business, to continually release albums and to perform at a high caliber at all times. However, some musicians have the ability to hand in strong works through most of their careers. There are performers who have built lifelong bonds with their dedicated fans because of these reasons. 

Raul Midón is one of those artists and he has recently released a strong new album titled, Lost and Found which finds the multi-instrumentalist experimenting with and exploring several different genres and voices. And - if my data is correct - although he’s released albums since his first solo release in 1999, this is the first time one of his records has been released on vinyl. 

Raul Midon Sits in a Chair with a guitar and a lamp

This is fitting, too, as Raul joins me soon after participating in this year’s Making Vinyl conference which took place in Nashville, TN. As you’ll hear, at the conference, Raul found a new appreciation for vinyl, not just from the auditory point of view, but through other facets that you’ll soon learn about. One way to remain as consistent as Midón has over the years is to continue to challenge yourself to create the best work possible. In this interview, Raul will share a little bit of his process of doing just that.


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