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Atenção!: Novos Sons do Brasil

Unique Brazilian Comp Is Reissued

By: Evan Toth and Press Release

Atenção!: Novos Sons do Brasil (ORG Music ORGM-2227, AQD-004, 2022) A very cool RSD release in 2022: a fabulous compilation of contemporary Brazilian music and musicians and - yes - it’s as good as it sounds (and looks). You can hear me and Andrew Rossiter from ORG Music discuss it as part of our ORG Record Store Day Roundup below.

From the Press Release:

"Atenção!: Novos Sons do Brasil” (Attention! New Sounds of Brazil) is a compilation produced in collaboration between online audio journal Aquarium Drunkard and Org Music. This is not your typical Brazilian music compilation. These ten songs capture a new wave of musicians who are reinterpreting their country’s musical heritage in bold and divergent ways, generations removed from the familiar sounds of breezy bossas or psychedelic tropicália.

While these songs don’t sound like bossa nova or Tropicália, they share the tradition of cultural collision, mashing styles from abroad and home indiscriminately, tearing down genre barriers. The release features the artwork of celebrated visual artist Robbie Simon, and includes an insert with extensive liner notes by Brazilian music scholar Allen Thayer.

Originally, limited to 1,000 copies and pressed on red color vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day 2022, the album sold out and has now been reissued on black vinyl. Get one here before this run disappears as well!


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